About the Series

He's a professional journalist by day and an unofficial detective by night. Named after the city he loves, Chicago Robinson is an everyday, young writer with an unusual gift for solving crime. Of the many high profile cases in the recent past, Robinson, writer and columnist for the Chicago Courier, often solved the case before the city's finest, writing all the details and evidence in his column. With the help of his close friend and professional detective, Sully Santiago, Robinson uses his keen sense of detail and perception to sniff out the lies, clues and evidence before anyone else. When there's big crime in the city all eyes are scanning the Courier itching to learn how Chicago Robinson figured it all out.

The blooks (blogged books) are for your enjoyment. Excuse the minor editing flaws and dive in. See if you can solve the case before it's revealed. New chapters are uploaded on a non-scheduled routine. Feel free to comment on, bookmark and link this blook for your pleasure.

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