When the mayor of Chicago is murdered in her South Side  home, local professional journalist, and unprofessional crime solver, Chicago Robinson is put on the story. Robinson's coverage of the case is not just to inform the city of details regarding the police investigation, but is also to help solve it. If there's a high profile crime in the city, Chicago Robinson, writer and columnist for the Chicago Courier, often solves the case before the city's finest, writing all the details and evidence in his column. Robinson's talent has earned him recognition and fame. The mayor had held him in high esteem, having recently awarded him the Freedom of the City for the list of crimes he'd help solve. Who knew her murder would be next on the list?

With the help of good friend Sully Santiago, a real detective, Chicago gets the inside scoop of the investigation. The information leads the two on an adventure through the secret life of the beloved mayor- a life the mayor herself didn't even know she had. Among the mysterious suspects: a local chemistry professor, the leader of a radical anti-government movement and the mayor's very own son.

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